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Digital Installation

Concept & Strategy


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The process to create a new Stardome experience began with the development of twenty idea sketches that were tested with current and potential visitors. The concept testing revealed two stand-out highlights.

Spacetracker, a digital interactive that gives visitors the latest news from current spacecraft, and Space History, a display which uses custom-built LEGO scenes to tell the story of key space moments.


Space History through LEGO is a series of scenes showing the history of space travel. Some scenes are interactive - visitors pull a lever to open a node on the International Space Station or launch the Saturn V rocket.

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Once we had narrowed down a long list of exciting space moments, we set out to design the six scenes. Using digital LEGO modelling software, we sourced over 20,000 LEGO bricks. As the bricks arrived from all over the globe, we began piecing together the intricate scenes.

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Spacetracker is a contemporary tracking station describing real spacecraft and missions in space. This interactive experience across several touch screens allows visitors to get an update of current space missions.

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Each Station provides a spaceship-like portal for visitors to explore the range of current missions in space through images and infographics from NASA and other sources. This includes basic mission overviews, information about the spacecraft and the latest from social media.


The reception area required some rethinking to incorporate these new displays and improve visitor flow in and out of the building. The result is a more open and welcoming space for visitors and an improved work area for staff.