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Te Maiki

Powerful events took place atop Te Maiki hill, in Kororāreka (Russell), which still reverberate through Aotearoa. The flagstaff on Te Maiki became a focus of protest for Ngāpuhi hapū who understood it as a British challenge to their sovereignty, culminating in the Flagstaff War of 1845-6.

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Visitor centres & exhibitions

We create highly original, place-based experiences designed to enhance city and regional visitor economies.

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story trails

We build multimedia heritage trails that are unique to the landscape and tell stories through multiple forms.

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We create onsite, online and mobile digital interactive experiences with rich content and elegant interactivity.

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“One of the great experiences of my life was at Gallipoli in 2015. The experience was made hugely more intense by the fact that I had downloaded the app Ngā Tapuwae.”

Jock Phillips on the Ngā Tapuwae Gallipoli experience