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Gabriel’s Gully Storymapp®

Our inaugural Storymapp® explores the story of New Zealand's first gold rush.



It is a seven stop journey around the Gabriel’s Gully area exploring significant historic locations. Locales worked alongside the team at Tuapeka Goldfields Museum and Visitor Centre to interpret and reimagine these sites in innovative and creative ways, sharing their unique social histories.


The Gabriel’s Gully Storymapp® Map retails from the Tuapeka Goldfields Museum and Visitor Centre. It is a beautifully illustrated map of the area around Gabriel’s Gully as it looked during the gold rush with QR codes linking to the digital guide. It is also a functional wayfinding device, incorporating some present-day place names and markers to orient visitors to other experiences in the area.

Storymapp® Guide

The Storymapp® Guide is populated with an audio overview, articles, archival imagery, and a 360˚ recreation of each location. The 360˚ recreations reimagine each site as they would have looked with accompanying narrations providing playful retellings of the scene. Hotspots scattered around point out noteworthy places, items, and historic figures. 

Storymapp® Box

The Storymapp® Box is situated at the Tuapeka Goldfields Museum and Visitor Centre. It is a 3D map touchscreen interactive that provides an overview of the journey, encouraging visitors to explore the trail at the museum. It shares some key stories from each stop and archival images.