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Mulligans Flat

We created an interpretation and wayfinding strategy for Mulligans Flat, a Canberra sanctuary devoted to conserving critically endangered Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands and the native animals that rely on them. This is part of an exciting period of growth for the sanctuary, as new facilities are developed and additional areas opened up.



Through a series of collaborative workshops, we developed storytelling themes and a set of principles for visitor orientation in the sanctuary – including approaches to gateways, trails and loops.

Interpretative signage for all trails engages the visitor to learn and play. Signs feature a series of illustrated creature characters, alongside more formal animal and botanical drawings and ecosystem infographics. Designed to offer a new experience each time, there is a strong emphasis on seasonality, and contrasting nocturnal and diurnal animals. Cellphone holders built into signs facing key landmarks tie into the sanctuary’s social media campaigns, facilitating a stream of user-generated photographs.

An app accompanies and enriches the walks. Working with a subject expert, we recorded an audio tour, which enables visitors to understand the landscape on a deeper level.