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Strathnairn to Shepherds Trail

The Strathnairn to Shepherds Trail is an interpretive trail through the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor, a picturesque valley on the outskirts of the Australian Capital Territory.



We worked with the Ginninderry Conservation Trust to develop interpretation for a 3km storytelling trail through a wide range of environments, including significant indigenous locations. 

Most of the interpretation needed to blend into the environment so we were asked to develop an idea that would involve small panels inset into timber posts. 

The valley is also known for a famous painting by the artist Elioth Gruner, and we were commissioned to design interpretation for the site where he painted it.

We scoped the project in the window of travel in 2021 between Australia and New Zealand with inputs from locals, rangers and the client. We then designed and delivered the project remotely from Wellington through the 2021 lock-down periods, working with ACT based fabricators to deliver the project. 

The Corten base layer of the Orientation Map represents the contours of the landscape of the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor, creating a unique, sculptural frame for the informative map and wayfinding. 

The species illustrations were created by our in-house illustrator and the graphics for all panels designed by our internal team ready for print in ACT.

We also developed an accompanying mobile tour for the trail using local voices and perspectives.