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Te Ara Wai: Journeys

Te Ara Wai: Journeys is a self-guided history tour of the Waipā district including key sites of the 1863/64 Waikato War.



Te Ara Wai: Journeys tells the stories of the Waipā region within the landscape itself. Central to the tour is a mobile website, where users can access journeys through sites of heritage significance across the district – including the key sites of the 1863-64 Waikato War, in which the British Army invaded the region and confiscated 1.2 million acres of land.

At each stop along the journey, users can watch a selection of short video and audio interviews with local experts giving different perspectives on what happened at each site. These sit alongside detailed interactive, graphic novels and images of relevant collection items from the Te Awamutu Museum.

The tour is supported by on-site signage and a trip-planning website, which invite visitors and locals to engage with the stories, as well as an exhibition at Te Awamutu Museum.

A series of workshops with representatives from the community determined the sites and stories that would be featured. This process of co-creation and engagement continued as design and content progressed and the result is over 160 community interviews and stories, packaged in a fully bi-lingual experience.