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The Innovators

The Innovators exhibition at MOTAT puts the spotlight on some of New Zealand's most successful, ground breaking people. Using these examples, we show that innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, anyone can innovate and success comes with failures and setbacks, resilience and creativity.



The design for the exhibition was split into two, physical and digital design. We took on the digital design elements for the exhibition. We developed two digital solutions to help visitors engage with the stories of New Zealand's top innovators and to see if they themselves, have what it takes to be an innovator.

We took interviews with founders and CEOs of Xero, The Mind Lab, Springfree Trampolines, Rocket Lab and Animation Research Ltd and transformed them into a series of interactive animations. The engaging and quirky ‘sketch-book style’ animations take visitors through the innovators’ narrative. At points visitors can interact, helping to solve real challenges the innovators faced.

We also developed The GIZMOTAT Kiwi Innovator game. It gives everyone a chance to be an innovator, inspiring the next generation. The audience is given an innovation challenge and they can get creative designing a solution. Once they’ve designed their innovative gizmo, challenges are pitched at them and their decision-making dictates their success.

The digital elements of The Innovators create excitement for the abstract and sometimes challenging subject of innovation. The Kiwi innovation case studies come together with our digital storytelling techniques, making innovation not only the subject of the exhibition but also the foundation of the digital design.